Political hypocrisy

It is mind boggling to think that the same people  who talk much about God and church,are equally passionate about owning guns.
They are entitled to their 2nd amendment rights ;  but why aren’t they entitled to God’s protection?
Why would they like to subject others to what they like and yet refuse to accept what others like?
Why do these so called evangelicals hate the help that the struggling class  gets from their governments and yet always ready to release money to wage war against innocent nations?
Why would they cast Mormonism as a demonic cult and yet fight heaven and earth to nominate and vote for a Mormon to be President?
And still why would they try to destroy a born again Christian because he has a different opinion?
These are things that is keeping me awake all nights.
I want to believe that we as a nation should be very mindful of the character our politicians,as well as our religious leaders,portray at all times.
They should not sell their souls and convictions for political expediency-it is a shame when and if they do.
Hypocrisy in all dimensions of life should be exposed and condemned.


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